My Silver Lining

Welcome to Tales by Jeanne: Soul Stories for Adults and Children narrated by the Lucky Goat.

The Lucky Goat Picture in the Meadow.2

Lucky Goat

The Lucky Goat’s Soliloquy

An excerpt from Adventures of The Lucky Goat: For Adults who Live on The Edge of Dreams

I am a kind and humble goat who at times has led a very complicated life; but I never stopped searching for that silver lining: I heard every cloud had one.

One day I found a large piece of glittering silver dangling on a tree branch, my little tail wagged with joy. I quickly grabbed hold of it and swore I’d never let go – but I did. Try as I may, I couldn’t hold on. Luckily, a farm goat told me it was a lining from an ordinary garment so I ate it and felt a little better.

In time, I learned the silver lining came from within. From then on, when a new day dawned I was happy no matter what came my way. I would try to find the silver lining in any situation, or carefully craft one myself.

Baaa aah, BAAA AAH!