Walking Around In Circles

In the children’s story, “The Horse and the Butterfly,” a yellow butterfly visits a horse in his coral. In the course of their conversation the horse learns a great truth. This just in…the horse would like to tell the story in his own words – the adult version; perfectly respectable, I assure you.

Find out what the poor chap has to say in his own words in the essay, “From The Horse’s Mouth: A Commentary…” (Click the link below.)

From The Horse’s Mouth…A Commentary on The Horse and The Butterfly

In the meantime, I’ve got to get back to work; there is a goat yoga class about to start. One human in particular  is scheduled to attend class who I can’t wait to look at eye to eye.

Baa aah, BAA AAH!

The children’s version of, “The Horse and The Butterfly” is FREE to read – for Amazon Prime members (baa aah, no fair, eh)?  But you can still pay if you want, we would not deny you that freedom. If you are not an Amazon Prime member (sorry), there is a small fee of $2.99, but well worth it! 

Please leave a review to support the artist’s work, and I will wag my little tail. 

(Alert: Like any great classic, there are no pictures inside, but Jeanne designed the cover.)

Thank you and we hope you enjoy! baaa aah BAA AAH!

3 thoughts on “Walking Around In Circles

  1. I loved the story! So much, that I read it to my classes at my elementary school as a literature analysis. The children loved it. . You will discover a variety of jam-packed messages and real-life emotions and decisions as it relates to human life for all ages.


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