My Silver Lining

Welcome to Tales by Jeanne: Soul Stories for Adults and Children

 Narrated by The Lucky Goat

The Lucky Goat Picture in the Meadow.2

The Lucky Goat


The Lucky Goat’s Soliloquy

I am a kind and humble goat who at times has led a very complicated life, but I never stopped searching for that silver lining: I heard every cloud had one.

One day I found a large piece of glittering silver dangling on a tree branch, and my little tail wagged with joy. I quickly grabbed hold of it and swore I’d never let go. But I did – try as I may, I couldn’t hold on. Luckily, a farm goat told me it was a lining from an ordinary garment so I ate it and felt a little better.

In time, I learned the silver lining came from within. From then on, when a new day dawned I was happy no matter what came my way. I would try to find the silver lining in any situation, or carefully craft one myself.

Baaa aah, BAAA AAH!