About The Lucky Goat

1412 – Present

Born in Lancaster, England, the Lucky Goat is renowned for decorating the meadows of Lancashire with geometric crop circles.

He starred in the children’s story “The Lucky Village Goat and The Invisible Girl” as well as Adventures of the Lucky Goat: For Adults Who Live on The Edge of Dreams.

The Lucky Goat is the narrator and editor of Jeanne’s website Tales by Jeanne: Soul Stories For Adults and Children. Shew, he has a lot of work on his plate; let’s hope he doesn’t eat the plate – or the paperwork!

In his spare time, the Lucky Goat works at a goat yoga farm on the eastern end of Long Island, New York and thoroughly enjoys it. His spirit currently resides in an undisclosed location. He doesn’t like to sign autographs.

Re: Editing

Jeanne is very forgiving of any typos or grammatical errors that Lucky Goat may incur. We hope you will be as forgiving. He is doing the best he can!